Shopping tips during SALES!!


How to series no. 11


Every girl needs or wants stuff weather she likes it or not. And I mean not just clothes, but home, kitchen even gifts!. Now while some of us are very capable at the same, others learn with practice over time however those like me need every assistance they can get. So without further ado, here are my few pointers which will help you during those end of season or reason sale shopping.

1.Make A List– make a list of all that you need desperately, ie, from kitchen towels to brown scrunchies and another list of what you maybe need ie. black leggings. Now only task left is to try and stick to the list of your written items only and don’t wander off.

2.Make a budget – if you are planning to go shopping during sales with an open mind, its highly likely that you will return with an empty pocket. So plan ahead and plan long term. Don’t worry, its not as scary as it seems, just keep money aside for shopping from your monthly salary so that during shopping you don’t dive into the savings. Add up any extra money you make from relatives on the birthdays or even when you save from little things like avoiding an expensive movie ticket to stay at home instead on the weekend. This is your way of giving yourselves a treat for being nice not naughty. (wink)

3.Go on a weekday -There is so much savings in this one tip. Saving on your time waiting in queues, last moment try room fights, parking space, the rush of people in the stores and above all, your mental peace.

4.Be prepared -select the style and size beforehand specially in clothes and shoes, so that you have to only pay and leave on the day of the sale or even when you order online later. Returns, exchanging and saving the receipts are a nightmare that you will doge by doing this.

5.Go Big and Go home with a BIGGER smile– more the items more the discounts so shop from the same store. Another way is to go with your team. Your girlfriends, work friends or partners. Doesn’t matter as long as you are both reaping benefits.

6.No Cards– Have a no cards policy. Don’t offer to pay the whole bill, specially with your credit card as you will have to pay the taxes on the whole order and asking back your money from others or to split on the amount of taxes on each item will make you seem petty among your peers. Instead pay your part in cash. When you prefer cash than cards an additional benefit is that you buy only what you really really need.

8.No Regrets– Take a deep breath. You wont regret it your whole life if you don’t buy it now. Drop it back if its not your size or not in your budget. You may find a better buy at the next store. In the long run it probably wont even make a difference since you will always buy more clothes later on anyway.

9.To Buy or Not To Buy– if you are in a inner struggle of buy or not to buy, chances are that you just like it enough to want it not love it enough to need it .Do Not impulse buy – I repeat, do not impulse buy. Control your urges and the odds will be in your favour.

10.Mind over matters– Listen to more to your inner voice and less to the salesperson who is making a profit off you. If you are still unsure, take a picture of you in the dress along with the tag having all the info. If you still feel strongly about the same, go ahead, I mean go back and get it after all you deserve it.


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