Day 2


now the deal here was being perfect in the way i had planned to spend my days so that i had some quality material to write about, but what happens with me mostly is failing by falling flat on the promises i make with myself.

in short i made a rookie mistake of thinking that i could over achieve in a day and erase off all my underachievements of the past year. but alas, life had other plans.

my morning started off later than i had anticipated because i had spent the last night stalking celebrities and their dog trainers on instagram late into the night. hence 4am fresh morning start turned into a dream session. my laziness also rubbed on bae who came home to take me to gym but we both ended up having breakfast in bed and trying to figure out what is wrong with me and my laptop. this was followed by spontaneous book buys at a local fair with dad and an exhausting sleep session to give some energy for the rest of the hours. the randomness stretched into the evening with me and bae ditching the last effort at productivity for a meal and a game of badminton with bestie.

even now post dinner and a delayed shower which was scheduled after the gym initially, i have little urge to plan for tommorow as the tv is going on in the background and the clock giving me warning looks to push me to bed.

life is what happens when you are busy making plans they say but hope is not so easy to abandon, hence here is me saying goodnight and signing off in a hope that tomorrow goes atleast half as planned.


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