How to series no 9

How to have a pamper routine at home

I know you work so hard that a break is well earned once in a while. When the world is full of people and life is full of instances that test your patience to no end, you deserve to cut off and give a moment all to yourself. Since we can’t afford luxury trips to the spa every week or a weekend gateway to the Bahamas, this is a home care package to give it to yourself when feeling low and dry or just in a mood to make use of that extra time on making your inner self really happy!

1.Massage oils-  that gentle rhythmic slow motion pressure on just the right spot whether it’s the scalp or sore leg muscles makes you cry out in relief easing out the worries you’ve been carrying along. You don’t need a professional always. Just take a few drops of your favourite oil (btw mine is coconut) and massage it from head to toe. You bet nothing feels more relaxing than this.

2.Face- its important, trust me i know.You look tired all the time and that needs to go! So pick up a face pack and face mask and get it going. Clean the pores, the blackheads with a scrub and afterwards do hydrate with a moisturizing lotion even. Add cucumbers for that vibe if you want.

3.Manicure- nails, something we can love or hate but simply can’t ignore.  Before anything just soak them in lukewarm water for a few mins. Then cutting and filling followed by french, plain nail paint, gel , acrylic, basically whatever you want.

4.Haircare– first hair mask, make it at home if you wanna keep it simple then headwash. Pick up the blow dryer or curler for a professional feel but the natural waves after air drying completely are the best.

5.Exfoliation- soak your body beforehand in warm bath. Exfoliation softly done by body scrubs , loofahs or even a pumic stone with your regular bath soap will suffice. Its important to remove the dead skin but don’t scrape yourself crazy.

6. Shave-  only after exfoliation that opens up your pores that you pick up a shaving cream and razor on the lather in neat and clean strokes. Don’t apply too much pressure or you will cut yourself. Rest I think you will manage. 

7.Moisturise- after washing away everything with water, put on that lotion very generously. You do your skin a favour every time you moisturize it so make it a habit.

8.Go the extra mile- pick up the tweezers for stray eyebrow hairs, open a tan bottle, bring out your bath bombs, Epsom salt. Whatever that you wished you would one day. Do it for yourself now. The wait is long over.

9. Ambience– with a mellow lightning, use scented candles if need be or an essential oil dispenser for a special aroma that invites your senses to tranquility. 

10.Comfort – it being food and music, hot chocolate, cupcakes, pizza, Chinese, wine. Whatever is your cheat meal, just dig in and let it melt in your mouth while listening to some jazz or old melodies. Just keep it simple in the background and focus on yourself.

As soon as the world washes away while you lounge, a freshness will settle in which will rejuvenate your energy source. Until the next time.



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