How to series no 8

How to attend a conference, lecture or a class. You maybe a student full time or part time, working from home or running a business. Even if its a spin always should follow some pointers that will help you reap maximum benefits out of everything you do. Enjoy the most out of all you can with these.

1.Arrive early be on time because early bird takes the worm. You are less likely to miss important introductions about the topic as well as the speaker. Get a good seat, be comfortable about the surrounding. Go to the loo if you want.

2.Look  sharp dress comfortably so that you can sit through long hours but look smart as if you are ready to meet your in law’s. How you look should reflect your personality and makes an impression on people you meet the first time.

3.Sit in the front  you will listen more attentively and the speaker is more likely to remember your face than if you remain at the back. Also you are less likely to make mistakes in a practical or training session as the teacher is looking out for you. 

4.Read if you know the topic beforehand reading will benefit you in many ways like understanding the of subject and better retention. Knowing about what the topic is going to be encourages you to participate actively.

5.Ask questions –  weather its during the lecture if allowed or at the end of the session. If in doubt do get up and ask. You never know how many other people will be thinking of same but afraid to be in the spotlight. Even the speaker feels better knowing you actually listened to them.

6.Do away distractions –   keep away your phone on silent in the bag. Avoid talking in between or overhearing the gossip in the row next to you. Instead focus on the task you came for.

7.Learn-  never miss an opportunity to learn. Learning is a top priority in every field if you want to progress. Any chance missed to learn is a door left closed.

8.Introduction to the speaker. Its very important to know your teacher so that you remain updated about the next class as well as any projects or tests coming up. 

9.Network with collegues and other listeners. Make acquaintances that may help you attend future classes together and lookout for each other. Who knows you may get new friends. 

10.Don’t forget to collect study material
– study materials that are given out before or after the lecture. Pamphlets to ebooks. You will need it. Even if you don’t , you can always pass on info to others.



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