How to series no.7

Have the best night routine

Night time is the goodbye to your day so don’t rush it or it will come back to haunt you in the morning. Instead sign off in style so here is one such routine you can try to follow so that you wake up with a smile and no regrets.

1. Walk around – take a leisure walk after dinner. It can be in the neighborhood or a walk around your house. Try to do 2 min tasks for example checking the locks on doors and windows, unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry and picking up stuff lying strewn around to lessen the burden on tomorrow’s chores list. Also moving around after dinner helps digestion by getting mild exercise in one form or another.

2. Prepare for tomorrow – first set the alarm. Then lay out clothes for next day. Pack your bag (handbag or school bag) so that you wake up next day without worrying about trivial stuff.

3. Unwind – get a hot shower, it is a quick way to relax your sore muscles from the day. Have a cup of warm cinnamon milk or chamomile tea, they will help you sleep better. Light a candle if you want a soothing aroma.

4. To do list –make one for tomorrow and write down all the tasks on top of your mind listing according to priority to make sure you don’t forget anything. 

5. Digital detox– don’t bring your phone to the bedroom. This should be a strict policy in your house. Late night instagram scrolling leads to sleepless nights and stalking stranger profiles. So keep your phone on the kitchen counter or the coffee table so you can reach not before morning. Same goes for the iPad, kindle etc.

6. Take meds-  this is when you take your nightly vitamins or other meds after dinner but before going to bed. Incorporate it into a routine and you will never fear missing it again.

7. Brush-  2 words. Dental hygiene. Less and trips to the dentist. Also if you had post dinner snacks or milk/tea etc.

8. Pray/ gratitude-  saying your prayers or a few words of grattitude go a long way to relieve your mind of everything that troubles you. Be it a relationship or money matters. Let it out to empty the stress and make space for positive vibes and thoughts through the night and life in general.

 9. Read- a good book. Daily reading habits before bed is the best food you can give to your brain. After doing all the above you are now done for the day. Your mind is clear and body is relaxed. Reading even a few pages helps you learn better and sleep better. However keep in mind when to stop turning the pages and get your shut eye.

10. Say goodnight -aloud to your partner or your family (even if they are in another city, you will feel a sense of being closer) or even yourself and turn off the lights.

Dream love, sunshine and flowers.


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