The novel chapter 9


When Cele woke up next morning as usual she started brushing her teeth before she looked at the clock. It was 6 and her first class was at 10. There was plenty of time, should she go back to bed or …go for her morning walk that she had avoided for a week now. That anticipation had not settled and the bubble of a dull morning burst oozing the rush and excitement which settled at the pit of her stomach. She got to thinking was there any chance of meeting him again? Would he actually come for her or guys don’t take what they say to girls that seriously? She did not know any of the answers and nor could she talk to anyone about this. The secrecy of the whole scenario made her even more nervous. She rinsed her mouth and rushed to look out of her window. There were a few dark clouds in the sky but it was nothing that would otherwise have stopped her from going out.

She got dressed extra carefully that day wearing her figure flattering black jacket with cream pants and brown boots. It was casual yet she rarely wore this to college. Feeling overdressed and still not ready to face the guy she wasn’t sure if she wanted to meet, Cele went downstairs to grab some breakfast. It was the feeling of over self consciousness that had her thoughts preoccupied with the imaginary conversation ahead, specifically what she was going to say if they actually met when, her father called out to her.

He was sitting on the patio in the backyard having scrambled eggs which Cele was more than happy to dig in on normal days but today she had her stomach full with butterflies. “Morning Pops” she said as she dropped down on the sofa chair. As her father began telling her about recent buisness and how their competitors had started expanding into horse feed trading with the farm production this year on the lower side, all that she was listening did not register with her brain somehow, hence the only reply her father got was the sound of Cele sipping on her coffee.

When she looked up, her father’s gaze from behind his glasses was fixed on her. She downed her coffee with a gulp and picked up the stray apple which had rolled down the fruit basket. Standing up and rubbing the apple on her jacket sleeve in an attempt to get it clean “I’m going to take Naaz for a walk before college starts Daddy. See you later” she said as she hurried away. “Have a nice day dear” he said to himself it seems as Cele went off munching.

As soon as they got out of the gates, she kicked her horse to pick up speed. Racing along the usual morning route they hadn’t been on since the past week, Cele felt a sense of calmness settling in her heart and the familiarity of their lush green fields further enveloped her in the security that the world around her was still the same. She no longer felt the need to worry about any stranger. This is how her life had always been, a green field of sunshine and free breeze.

As they passed the fields she slowed Naaz to a strut while up in the horizon she could see some dark clouds gearing up. It was going to rain definitely, just a matter of time. Cele looked at her watch showing 7:30. She realised she still had time to swing by Tamara’s to see if she was ready so that they could walk together to college.

Turning to the lakeside route Cele gazed at the clouds above getting darker. She debated to turn around before it started pouring when she heard a rumble in the distance. Maybe it was the clouds or it was the possibility of meeting him again but her heart had already started beating so loud against her ear drums that it masked all the other sounds. Her brain was desperately trying to warn her that she was in trouble either way, but her heart knew it was time she got in this sweet trouble inviting her.


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