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How to have good sleeping habits

Sleep is as important as any other part of the day but as we grow older and busier in our lives we struggle with it on a daily basis. Sometimes even a medicine becomes necessary for this vital part of our day to day life. Remember the good old days you loved sleeping, its not so hard to do it again. Here are some tips that will help you sleep just like a baby.

1. Early Dinner – you can’t sleep hungry so dont skip it and have a healthy meal but do take a walk after, specially if its a heavy dinner. If you are craving for snacks later on, have a warm glass of milk instead. Avoid coffee or any caffeine after 5pm and heavy meals after 8. Ideally the dinnertime and bedtime should be 2-3 hours apart.

2. Bedtime – Have a fixed time. 10 means 10. One single email reply or the next episode can wait till tomorrow. Say goodnight to yourself strictly at the set time and switch off the lights.

3. Nightclothes – comfortable clothes are a must. Tight clothes will cut off your circulation. Wear clothes you like to breathe in.

4. Switch off – Don’t carry technology to bed. Avoid social media one hour before bedtime. You can use the traditional paper and pen instead to write your journal or just read.

5. Hot Shower it helps relax your muscles after an entire day of hard work. This is a major step to remove the stress and welcome relaxation. After a shower your body will officially be ready to shut down and unwind.

6. Atmosphere – Keep temperature, sound and light control. These are three cardinals for a good sleep which ensures you wake up refreshed. Have the thermostat at a comfortable level (ideal temp is 24-28°C), peaceful surroundings or any white sound in the background, a clean bedding, a cozy blanket and a scented candle if you feel the need.

7. Water – a glass by your bedside in case you wake up in the night feeling thirsty. Saves the time and the pain of going to the kitchen and bumping into furniture. Also make sure you pee before you jump into the sheets. We did this as kids too so no harm in doing it now again.

8. Posture – Have a mattress that is neither too soft and not too hard. Have a proper back support. Also try sleeping on your back and not on your stomach if you have back pain or after a heavy dinner. This additionaly helps avoid nightmares.

9. Gratitude – make peace with yourself to banish conflict so that you can sleep well. Try to have a gratitude journal or simply pray. You can also try deep breathing to calm yourself.

10. Happy thoughts – When you close your eyes think of the one thing that makes you really happy. Slowly your imagination will turn into dreams as you drift off.

Zzzz..sweet dreams.


2 thoughts on “HAVE A GOOD SLEEP

  1. I do all of these things but still suffer from insomnia. I’ve learned to live with it, to an extent, and now find the best thing is a nap after lunch if that is possible. I have also tried having my main meal at midday instead of evening but that hasn’t helped. I guess there are some things that just can’t be changed.


    • Personally I like to tire out myself physically and mentally throughout the day so that I’m ready for bed. Hot shower and warm milk work the best for relaxation. You can try head and body massage with coconut or jasmine oil, my personal favorite.


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