The novel chapter 8


Cele was on her way back to her house after dropping of her best friend Tamara at her house. Naaz was also enjoying the weather trotting in the late September evening, the sun was almost set into the horizon. The last of the orange glaze was seeping into a purple showing the marks of beginnings of the night.  Cele gave Naaz a nudge to move faster. She heard a distant hum of a motor which was becoming louder as they advanced on the road. She heard it before she saw it. It was a bike..with a man on it approaching them. He came into view as they came closer to each other on the road. Cele saw the leather jacket in the faint light of the dusk and realised that she had seen it before. Was it him? Could it even be? She could not bring herselves to turn her head into his direction as her heart was beating so hard into her ribs.

Just then he stopped his bike and the engine went into a silence. Cele had not yet even gotten a glance at the biker guy, but Naaz however trotted on past the him. Just then Cele heard him shout out from behind “hey stranger! 

Cele pulled the reigns and the horse came to a halt. So did her heart. It was him. That voice was exactly as she remembered.

“I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name the morning we met” he said as he got of the bike and walked up the distance to reach them.

“That’s because I did not throw it.” No idea why she just said aloud one of her dad’s jokes, but now that it was out there was no going back.

He tilted his head to one side and gave her half a smile. It looked like he was trying to pretend that he got it but in reality he wasn’t even bothered by her incoherent reply. “I was not sure weather we had actually met or it was just a dream.”

“What do you mean?” Could she have been more basic!

“I haven’t seen you since then, and I admit that I even tried to go that route in the morning a few times but no luck.”

“Oh, I well don’t go that route very often.” Such a liar! That had been her only route for morning walks until after the day of their encounter.

“Anyway nice to see you again horsegirl.” He winked.

“You too lost guy.” She chipped in before he could say another word. “I better get going.” She said aware of the darkness spreading around as the night sky rolled on.

“Yea okay, I guess I’ll see you again, sooner this time. Maybe we’ll meet on the same route tomorrow morning.” He smiled suggestively at her.

“Maybe” said Cele and snapped the reigns. The horse to sped up and they both did not stop until they got back home.


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