How to series no 5

Handbag essentials which are a must have.

A healthy handbag = a peaceful life. I dread the day when I’m looking into my handbag and don’t find one of these things. So here is a list of my essentials..

1.Wallet with cash n card- nowhere to go without it girl!

2.Loose coins – are a lifesaver when buying grocery or street food.

3.Pen n notebook– jot down all the ideas you have. You never know when one of them makes it big.

4.Charger/powerbank– for the desperate times your phone dying on you.

5.Earphones in a case– this is a way to say Yes to music and no to the hassles of tangled wire mess.

6.Fruit/cookies and water – for emergency when your blood sugar levels are falling and you going into dehydration. Also when you feel like munching on something.

7.Pads,hand sanitizer, tissues, handkerchief- basic hygiene products

8.Protection from nature– Sunscreen,shades, scarf/ umbrella- to help you brave the weather.

9.Clean up Comb,hairbands. Make up -gloss, eyeliner. Razor.Rosewater for freshening up the face

10.Folder/ Organizer-  for receipts and loose papers

Do add some of your own tweaks and changes. Waiting to hear from you, keep me posted.



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