The novel Chapter 7


Cele took the bus back with Tamara. On reaching home she ran from the gates to the stables.

“Hey babe, we have a lot of catching up to do. She slowly whispered in the horse’s ears how she was planning some tricks for show. Since she has been a child Cele was always teaching Naaz fun stuff to do. Her uncle would usually help her and together they could spent the whole day playing games. However this was before he had got married and started working with her dad in the family business. They had way more fun.

 As she bent down to pick the brush to groom Naaz she saw Tamara walking towards them with a muffin in hand. She smiled knowing where she had been. Old habits die hard I guess. Let’s go out for a walk Naazu she said lovingly to the horse and Tamara who had come within earshot replied “you never talk with me in that baby voice” teasing her. Cele smiled and asked Tamara about her loot from the kitchen. ” Oh common C..u get to eat this everyday!”  

Well yeah…but not like everyday. Mahey cooks only what he wants. Very few days he likes to take requests.

That said she and Tamara started walking with the mare in tow. How many years of their lives they had spent together, so much mischief, so much gossip and so much love. Now it was all going to change as college neared its end. They had been together since the first day of pre school. Every detail about Cele’s life there was, Tam knew it all. Except the latest one. Just then Tamara spoke “Hey, I think we should get going, I have to get home before dark. 

Lets ride then, Naaz too needs exercise. We havent been out much in the last few days said Cele. As they mounted, Naaz who was so excited to be out of the stables picked up speed from trotting to a steady gallop. 

They took the scenic route from the lakeside and dropped Tamara home just like when back in high school during hot summer days they went swimming and lost track of time. They often rushed back to get to their homes before dark.


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