Inner voice


Inner voice is the key to human soul. Its the guiding light based on what happens in your surroundings since the day you are born and how it affects your judgement. You watch others, you learn. From your parents,teachers, friends, books,tv..society..all the influences however big or small shape you into what you are today. And its what actually sticks with you through your most difficult times. Its what keeps nudging you to think of your actions and their after effects. 

But what if its contradicting your path of action. Then maybe you should rethink your actions. Maybe you need to change your course towards the same destination but through a different route. Do not stop the journey. Only you know deep inside what is your purpose in life, what gives you happiness and what you are supposed to do. These tasks can however lead to same or even different paths which is not easy. Trust me i know how difficult it is to choose between long term satisfaction and instant gratification. The lesson is to always aim for positive growth. Its never going to be easy. No one said it will be. It was never meant to be. Just understand and absorb that you who is reading this right now.. are so precious and so your life is supposed to mean something in order for it to be special. Sure there are some setbacks, big or small..they do serve a higher purpose which is to make you capable for all the greater achievements your future has in store for you. Dont be afraid to work hard. Be afraid if you have to live a life with just regrets and no mistakes. However hard it may be stay strong and keep moving on. Make sure to have a beautiful journey on your way to the destination that awaits.

Just take a deep breath, get up, and go with your guts. I trust you to do what your inner voice says. Its never gonna let you down.

Hustle hard and Follow your sunshine.


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