1.Aim for progress not perfection:-Everyone starts from day 1 and goes through the same journey to reach where they are now. Focus on yourself and don’t look at others.

2.Be regular:- working out daily for 20-40 mins is far more beneficial than having a full energy workout on Monday and then slacking the rest of the week. You can get lazy once a while after 15 days or when you are too busy with work to skip on your workout but don’t quit.

3.Set small goals:-  instead of thinking I’ll loose 6 KGS in this month or only diet food from tomorw be realistic. Start with goals like I’ll cut down on taking extra helpings of food. Drink an extra glass of water. Go for half a kg per month weight loss at first.

4.Keep a log:- Do monthly full body measurements than checking the scale everyday. You may be at a static weight but your thighs may be losing some fat and inches. Also keep a track of your exercises. The miles you run and the weight you lift. It will surprise you how you progress every week.

5.Patience -Choose to do what you love and give it 21 days. Be it dance, gym, aerobics, yoga or any home workout video. It takes time but its possible. You were not cursed one day with a pot belly. You built it over years with those bad habits. Same way you need time to reverse it. And generally 4-5 months give you visible changes.

6. Rest and reward :- Sleep is important to build muscle. A rest day is so vital to help healing after a week of sweating out. You can have a maximum of 3 rest days after working out for minimum 4 days. Dont forget to buy a cute pair of workout leggings as a reward when you spend a week on the treadmill running for 20mins. At the end of 3 months you deserve a new pair of shoes!

7.Stretch everyday.

8. Listen to your body:-Start at home first by doing simple workouts from YouTube and then go to the gym. First day hitting the gym in over enthusiasm may cause injury. Preparing your body and building your stamina is better after living on the couch your whole life. Stop if you are hurting. Exercise is celebrating what your body can do. It’s not a punishment.

9. Keep changing :- when you are bored with the usual workout routine spice it up my alternating with zumba, bhangra aerobics, pilates, hiit, mma. The key is to keep moving.

10. Have a schedule :– A pre determined plan of exercise will make you less likely to skip. For example instead of running the whole week

2days running for 20 mins + strength exercises for 20 mins.     &

2days dance 15mins + strength training for 30 mins.       &

2 days aerobic exercises for 30 mins +10 mins yoga 1day rest.    &

1rest day.

This weekly schedule will ensure you don’t get bored. However you may change it as you like. Hope this will help you get into action.


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