The novel Chapter 6


After the classes got over, Cele along with her best friend Tamara were sitting on the college grounds too engrossed in catching up on the weekend update. Cele was still debating on telling her about him, whether he was significant enough to talk about. Just then a tall lanky fellow who was distributing flyers to everyone came and handed her one, a Talent show in college. The posters were out inviting anyone and everyone . God! It was scary. Not because Cele wanted to participate but as it needed two basic prerequisites 1.talent 2.Showcase the said talent on the Stage!! Infront of people she was fearful.

None of those two was she particularly fond of. Attention was something that was meant to be stayed away far as possible. Her moto was you own thing. Do what makes you happy. period. Pleasing other people and showing the world what you got was not at top of her list. Not until now.

Back to the talent show. It was also scary because these things made you realise what you are lacking. Looking at someone who is playing music always makes you think about how you wanted to play a guitar but haven’t still learned it, Or a dancer on stage inspiring you to explore how your body defines rhythm but again you never had enough time to go down the road.

Its scary because its life telling you that time is running out fast so stop slacking and do new things, follow hidden passions and start doing more of what you would want to see in your future self.

Cele quickly had this introspective conversation with herself and suddenly spoke aloud “T..i think i will be performing at the talent show this year. She had a whole month ahead to prepare. If planned precisely it would be the highlight of her college life. Being in their last semester she had already been accepted to attend a business school overseas the coming academic year. The next 6 months was her free period with nothing in particular to look forward to. She still was not sure how she wanted to spend this time. Her father wanted her to take a short course in the university campus near their town but she did not feel like being away from him even if it was only a 3 hour drive as she would anyway be on a whole new continent for the coming 2 years.

Her act had to be about the only thing she could actually do, what she would enjoy despite being the focus of the audience’s attention…horse riding. But it needed too much planning about the details and a month of preparation was a tough time period. It will have to be something smashing like straight out of a movie scene so that the people in her class would be so amazed by her sudden transformation on stage making it hard to forget her afterwards. So settled it was. Cele was doing it. Naaz was to be put to practice soon. She better get going.


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