Mornings are my favourite. Not because I wake up early to hear the birds chirping. Not at all! I am in fact a lazy person who finds it very difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. Its a struggle to wake up early. But still mornings are my favourite because every morning we get a fresh new chance at life. Also it helps when I have have a list of things to do..that is a routine which allows me to start my morning with a pace according to my comfort. This way  I can make sure to do all the small tasks which need to be done without the rush and fear of forgetting important work.

1.Light draw the curtains and let the light come in or switch it on.Another way is to go out in the sunlight, spread your arms and breathe deeply. This fills up your lungs with fresh morning air and also you get your daily dose of vitamin D.

2. Put on some music– your favorite beats..maybe break into a few dance steps loving it! Or maybe something soothing like a prayer hymn.

3.Put phone on charging– you wont get enough time throughout the day and less hassle of a dead battery in the beginning of the day.

4. Brush, Face Wash, Fix your hair : Doing these three things makes it official that you are up and about to slay the day! Play some music in the background and groove while you complete this list not necessary in the given order. Basically looking presentable even if you have to stay home brings a positive energy in you.

5.Chores -Take out the trash, put the load of laundry in the machine or simply water your garden. Get these quicks tasks done in the morning to stop it from nagging your brains the rest of the day.

6. Go to the kitchen– get hot lemon water or whatever to drink your first glass of water for the day and wash away the toxins.

7.Take the vitamins or meds

8. Pack – 3fruit snack and a water bottle for the day. Even if you going out ..put it in your purse so that you don’t binge into unhealthy stuff when you on the go. If you staying in keep these within your reach near the bed or on your study table.

8. Activity -walk, stretch, dance aerobics, push ups- whatever rocks your boat . just move. Be active.

9.Shower -prefer cold.

10. Tidy your room : not only yourself but even your room needs to look neat and tidy. Go for setting up the pillows , straighten the bedsheets, fold the blankets, hang up the clothes thrown on the chair or the floor, remove the last night’s leftover snacks from the bedside . Viola! Its clean again.

11. Eat: if not your heavy duty breakfast ,you should eat something like a fruit or coffee with in half an hour of waking up. It gives your body a boost since it was actually starving from the last 8 hours that you were asleep. Also you can listen the news along it. Better still read the paper.

12. Plan the day: write it down somewhere that you will see. Be it a notebook, a piece of paper, a post it or even on a chalk board. Once you write it your sense of touch and sight are involved so you are more likely to remember it. Try make a to-do-list and write top 3 tasks that you


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