The novel Chapter 5


It was a morning just like any other. Still it felt something was amiss. She did not feel like getting up from the bed to go for her ride. But Naaz must be really missing their regular dose of morning freedom. Somehow she could not bring herself up to do it..maybe it was because of that Guy! Aargh! Who was she kidding. Of course it was because of him. She still had not told a soul about their meeting and it was very strange since it was not like her to keep stuff to herself. One half of her was afraid to meet him again and the other half was imagining up scenarios of their next encounter.

It gave Cele a feeling of odd satisfaction by imaging that he too might be wondering about her. But since he was too good looking, far better than those in her school, she assumed he was more likely to forget a regular girl like her. True, she had helped him but much to her dismay it would not have killed her to be more polite. As much as she regretted not having a conversation, he was after all a stranger at the end of the day. Someone said once, the good looks are made to hide the devious hearts they have.

She gave one last look in the mirror at herself. A dark blue scarf with a white boat neck cardigan and faded blue denims. Her choice of shoes were a old pair of trusted sneakers. Pulling her bag’s strap on her shoulder she ran downstairs to grab a bite where she was surprised to see her uncle Romi was waiting for her.
Hey ya bossgirl!…he greeted her with a hug.
I missed u Romsy..she teased.
Where did you loose my Aunt Sara?

It was their joke from the day when few days after marriage her Uncle along with aunt Sara went to the local farmers market and while she was chatting around with a vendor he slowly looking at the stalls walked away..and returned home. It was after he returned to the house gates that he saw Cele and both of them suddenly realised what was wrong. He was running back the way he came when Cele’s laughter echoed in the background.

Till date both of them could not muster the courage to reveal the events of that day.

She will be staying a bit longer with her elder sister. I had to rush back because of the work you know. He replied while sipping coffee.

It hit her suddenly.. She was getting late for college!
Quick she yelled at him as she lunged at a sandwich from his plate… Start the car. I’m coming.
Thankfully her dad was at his usual morning spot..the old rustic sofa chair on the porch. Morning Daddy ..she gave him a tight hug and without waiting for a reply she raced to the gates where the engine of her uncle’s car was rumbling.

Are you studying well kiddo? He asked as they were nearing the campus.
Her college was a sprawling old castle which was renovated over the years to its current state. It was scenically beautiful with huge lawns and arched windows visible before the whole Victorian style structure came into view.
Pretty well as of now.. was her lazy reply.

As the college came nearer she gathered her bag and her wits. Bye Romsy..see you in the evening. By kiddo ..he said as she got out .Study harder…he smiled as she waved him.

It was 8:57am. With no time to spare she made her way to class navigating the throngs of students in the Monday morning. Hopefully Mr. Jenkins her English professor gives them one spare evening from the homework essays.

Her week had began with such a rush all because of her being in a dreamy state over a nonsensical event that probably did not mean anything. Her logical mind was prepping up for the week ahead. All she needed was her heart to take a backseat and her mind to take reigns of life.


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