Waking up early is a wish we all secretly want but are never willing enough to work hard for.

For those of you who dont like this concept…let me tell you in words of a old englishman.. ” no eternal reward will ever forgive us for wasting the dawn”. So, if you dont haul your ass out of the bed early in the morning ,you don’t have the gift of extra time given to you in the form of early mornings. Hence we the blame universe for not making the days longer for us to complete our work and still have time to enjoy. The common phrase “i don’t have time for this” is generally used to ease our guilt but no more.

Time is to be used not spent. Used wisely its an asset if not ,we tend to spent (likely to overspend) on instant gratification rather than long term profits.

Now the key to this is to harness the early morning which adds the hours to your day which the others are simply wasting.

Try to do the things you love as the first thing after you wake up. It will encourage you to get out of bed early everyday.

1. Sleep early : this is by far the most important step ..ever! I cant stress enough how important it is to get your 8hrs of regular sleep daily. This is where all your energy for the following day comes from. If you sleep late the previous night you feel tired, irritated, less productive and even doze off in working hours because zzz all you can think of is sleep. Or maybe not but your body may translate it into other things like hunger which leads to binge eating and worse..weight gain.

Also its more likely that the later you stay awake more are the chances you waste that time either on social media (aka stalking your ex or the bitch you hate) and less likely on important work commitments. This habit of yours is more harmful than it actually appears on the surface as its deep rooted effects are seen later on when it has cost you your mental peace and your health. So you see..this is a vicious cycle. And the only way out is setting a night routine with a suitable fixed sleep time.

2. Set Your Alarm : this is too basic. Let me rephrase, set your alarm 15 mins earlier than the previous day. This helps develop a habit and does not leave you feeling sleep deprived. Also accomplishing small tasks daily goes a long way in achieving your life goals.

Also your alarm tone should be something that you love to listen to when you open your eyes rather than the irritating beeping sounds that leave you more flustered than fresh. It could be a prayer hymn or a new favourite song. Do keep updating it after a few days to prevent it from getting boring.

Set your morning routine as your alarm sequence. For eg.

6:00am wake up

6:02 brush

6:06 drink water…and so on

3.Light it up: Light is a stimulus for your brain to secrete melatonin a hormone which basically helps your body to gear up for the day. Open up the curtains if you have the morning light coming in or just switch on the lights in your room. Its likely to help you from getting back in the bed.

4 . Something Cold: As much as a warm snuggly bed is inviting a cold temperature is a better stimulus for waking up. Make sure to splash your face with cold water, drink a glass of cold water or simply set off the air conditioner’s timer so that it starts to a cooler temperature an hour before you want to wake up. This is how we humans operated to when we lived in the wild because in the early morning before the sunrise around 5am the temperature generally drops when most animals tend to wake up.

5. Get up and Move : do not sit in the bed or in a chair. Wake up by stretching and start from toes up to neck, work every muscle. Move around the house, go to the bathroom, the kitchen..if possible just a few simple basic stretching exercises while listening music or while waiting for the water boiling or your bath getting ready..move your limbs and let your muscles know that they have to get to work.

6. Get a buddy: Try getting help from a friend who too wants to develop this profitable habit. This helps you both to stay accountable and quit slacking. You can call or text each to check on the other. Also You are less likely to quit once you share it with someone.

7. Go outside : Staying in your room indoors is more likely to make you sleepy. Go out preferably out in the nature. Look at trees and birds before you embrace your daily responsibilities.

8. Anticipation :Think of the most exciting part of the day. It will stop you from pressing the snooze and the excitement wont let you go to sleep easily. It could be anything..from a party you have to attend later on to the cute guy in class or an episode of game of thrones. You can also use anxiety as your motivation to get up from the bed. It could be an upcoming exam or a meeting. The butterflies in your stomach will pull you out of bed that instant.

9. Reminders : visual reminders either on the phone screen or a post it note on your bedside, basically somewhere you look first thing in the morning when you open your eyes and read it. This will instantly open your eyes wide but be sure it is something nice and fun. Don’t scare your poor heart as soon as you wake up. There will be plenty of instances in the day for that to happen.

10. Morning routine: setting a personalised morning routine filled with activities that you enjoy including fun stuff like dancing or reading a novel before you set out to work can be the real incentives that urge you to wake up on time and get things done. This way you can escape the usual hurry-rushed-morning scenario which involves missing breakfast and forgetting something you needed to carry or a task you had to do but instead actually start getting up early to get everything done at your own pace enjoying life in its every glorious moment.

Just remember that not everyone gets the gift of a new morning so rise n shine baby. Put a smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes, you got this and i believe in you!!

*Hustle hard and follow your sunshine*


6 thoughts on “WAKE UP EARLY

  1. Silvia Mar

    My secret to wake up is just to take my smart phone an go Instagram. The beautiful pictures of nature, animals and romance give me positive energy for the whole day. 🙂 Sometimes I spend more time than I’ve planned and I’m late 🙂


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