The novel Chapter 4


The day was going just fine. She had an early breakfast with her dad on their front porch. The cook had made eggs delivered fresh from their farm with goats milk and a cheese toast. Ah! The wonders of a farm life.

It was followed by a heated discussion on the new business venture her father was about to begin which involved choosing a partner. His choice was a fellow farm owner who was known for his tight handling of his money and his two time wasting sons. Needless to say Cele was not so happy with his pick. A business is like a small child which grows up to be strong only if its nurturing is done by strong parents or in this case partners. In their hometown her father had a spotless image of a neat man and she did not want it to be taken advantage of by a shrewd person even if he was an old associate of their family. She had made her opinions vocal to her father who had somewhat agreed with her .

Her father had always discussed with Cele all of his matters be it related to their family or about their farm business. He liked too keep her informed even when she was younger and encouraged her to think in her own terms about how a decision would affect their lives. As she grew up these discussions grew stronger in opinions and wider in topics. They helped her develop an insight into business as well as how she choose her personality .Now these discussions were important to her as she had started to play an important role of a decision maker and even her father had come about to respect her viewpoint if not always agreeing. Even today in the end they had agreed to wait for some more time in search for a better option.

The slow weekend crawled on and Cele was sitting in the library on an old mahogany wood sofa her legs on one armrest and back against the other, going over the week’s newspapers. This was her favourite sunday noon pastime. It was like real life stories happening all around the world with written updates over the days. You could read the story published on one day followed by the reactions to the news next day and the popular public opinion. All in same sitting. It was like watching your favourite tv series with a season in a day approach.

The lunch hour had finally arrived. Their cook named Mahey was a heavily built balding man in his early 60s .A former wrestler who came back to their hometown ,leaving the sport altogether at the prime of his career. He settled down with his brother’s family and took to wandering around the streets during the day. On one such day when her father met him he suddenly surprised him by asking for a job. Her father who desperately needed someone to handle the kitchen as Cele was 8yrs at that time and surprised him even more by offering him the cooking job. Needless to say he had no experience but was desperate as he needed his life back to a purpose and they needed someone to take care of their meals at home. It was a match made in heaven of sorts. Slowly over years Mahey had learned the tricks but there were a lot of initial days being when the three of them survived on milk and eggs or what he told her was the wrestler food. She however called it the Mahey burned-down-trying-something-new-again-today food .His cooking skills had grown up along with her and matured faster than she were now. Being at their peak now it was a treat every Sunday when he cooked up new heavy duty dishes .Today was no exception with a typical full plate cream chicken with naan bread and green chutney. A meal that demanded a nap for the digestive juices to work well. So after helping clean the dishes Cele quietly walked upto her father’s which was nearer to the kitchen than her own room upstairs and she had no inclination to climb the stairs. and slumped face down on the bed. It was going to be one hell of a nap.


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