Evening… The velvet from sunshine.


Everyday sets with the same sun but as the day ends..it closes with it another leaf of an experience, a lesson learnt or let go.

The way we bid  adieu to our days determines the way we shape our lives. Long or short.. What impact each passing day leaves behind in our life or in those around us is summed up as life lived. How well…it depends on us.

Maybe we need to change our attitude towards endings. Instead of the sharp contrast in the way we treat our mornings and nights we should take it as a way to approach a peaceful companion. To introspect how well we lived..the memories we collected.. The opportunity to rectify the wrongdoing and make peace with that fact that every evening gives us a night full of peace and rest and a morning to look up to.

A peaceful rainy evening with a open book and a hot brewing cup is the perfect unwinding to a day uneventful or not. Evenings are the extra time gifted to us which should be used wisely to store the events of the day as well as the extra push we need to make perfection out of the next day.

Also its the idyllic pause between the hectic sunny Morn’s n Noon’s to get a breather before the night befalls.

Whether your night is a family time or a party out ..the evening is still all yours.

If be it gearing up or winding down…evenings can still turn out to be the way you want. A symbol of hope in the midst of a day with a lost cause. A push to a downhill task or the ideal relaxation among chaos. When it can become all that you desire it to be..Then why are evenings so underrated??


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