The Novel Chapter 3


It was a weekend.. She usually took time aside in the mornings to pray. This particular day however she had no time thanks to the wanderer who made her take a particularly long detour. But no had forced her to..she could have just moved on..he would surely have found someone else to help him. Not that he would have died if she did not act as his saviour. A saviour sent by the morning mist bidding adieu. She missed out on breakfast oh God! The horse too would be wondering as to what was going on today. Hush Noora..this is our little secret now. You are as much of an accomplice . you too could have complained.. Instead of readily giving him a ride.

Muttering to the horse she led back to her stable. A lot awaited to be done today. She still had the whole afternoon ahead. Homework was not soft on anyone.. Even if life could sometimes be. The tons of her study material collected over the week eagerly waited to devour her weekend.

As she stopped in front of the mirror to change.. She cringed at the thought of the handsome stranger looking at this appearance of her. Each strand of her hair had decided that it would not live with the others and was determining to find its own way out of her head. She didn’t hate her appearance or even obsessed about it as often as other girls of her age. But this frizzy mane was intolerable as if was telling her to get on with her singular existence already. As perhaps he already had. A winter morning dream it was and that’s how it shall be forever dismissed she said aloud. As if the shear will of her words determined the events to come.

After a fresh shower and a successful trip to the pantry with a muffin and goat milk tea she sat down for a long day of study.

She loved her books, the pens ,sitting at the desk with a fresh mind every time. She could do it as a hobby her whole life. Her passion for reading was what had gotten her through life this far. Those hours spent in the parallel worlds without even a sound or thought of her own life, was one thing she would never exchange for anything in this world…But the task itself of studying to cram up rather than learning of the subjects which were tough to understand or the professors who could not make the learning more important part to focus upon rather than attendance which often took a toll.

She read a few chapters and was in the middle of writing a paper …

She woke up with a start. The scene out of the window took her breath away every time. She thanked her father for the huge stretch of greens outside her window. Their lawns merging with the vineyards which melted with the golden orange of the sunset.. On the other side of which her mother now lived. It was the perfect part of her father’s small gifted paradise.


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