The novel Chapter 2


She was a little girl when her mother passed away and she was raised by her mother’s sister who later married her father but soon had a tragic end during childbirth. She and her father were the only family left to each other when her mother’s younger brother came to live with them. As she grew up she saw him get married and settle down with his family in their house as he helped her dad run his successful business. She too longed for her own big happy family one day.

As seasons changed and years passed , Cele grew up to be this wonderful strong spirited young woman who was her fathers shadow and his strength. Business was good and so was life .But her growth into this independent soul was marked by the yearnings of a little girl who despite of the immense love from her father wanted the love she deserved but had been deprived of for too long.

One winter morning she was out on their fields with her horse that she saw a shiloutte of a man walking towards her . The walk was of someone as if he owned the world. She halted her horse and waited for the tall stranger to approach close. As the thin fog cleared she saw a young man with a loose jacket over a checkered shirt n denims. As she looked down he wore no shoes. His clothes didn’t make him look like as if he could not afford any shoes. Slowly his face became clearer with a careless chop of hair ,some of which were falling on his forehead she almost had a gush of excitement from her chest as their eyes met. He was a handsome one, she would give him that. Not a sight she would mind on her morning walk everyday.


What are you doing here? And she glanced at his bare feet..soiled in the mud.

He looked down following her gaze and grinned back at her sheepishly. Good morning

You need help?… Don’t know why she said that. She should be on her way back home.

Actually I am lost I think.. I can’t find my way back.

Where are you supposed to be?

Home.. In about an hour I think..

He was deliberately giving her evasive answers or what! He obviously was lost.. I’ll give you a ride back if you tell me your address.

Actually I think if I find a big old barn by the huge pond along the road i came..I’ll be able to find the house that iam friend it is.

Hop on..there is only one road here with a barn alongside a pond. I’ll take you.

Oh lovely.. Let me just.. Get on..this… I’ve to admit this is magnificent horse as they sped up .

Just to show off she kicked Naaz her half bred chestnut colored mare to pick up speed when he suddenly put his hands on her arms to steady himself.

She felt a jolt of blood rushing from her stomach to her throat. Her cheeks flamed and she loosened the reins as they slowed to a trot.

May I.. He asked as her put his hands above hers holding the reins..

Umm.. That was all the response she could manage right now..her hands felt on fire inside the gloves.

His grip was firm but he was not trying to overtake the horse from under her. Slowly she guided the directions and he controlled the speed.

The morning fog cleared up as the sun started rising and through the mist a faded barn became visible across the pond which was still covered with a cloud of vapours rising from the water to flow with the winter morning breeze.

That’s your spot.. Isn’t it? perfectly is.

I should be off then .It was pleasure riding this beauty. Until next..

Nice day..and she took off without hearing the rest.


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