The Novel Chapter 1.


It was the ideal busy morning for Cele. The alarm which was meant to wake her up at 6 had failed. It was their combined failure..hers and that stupid alarm’s. She had got it online few days back for it was meant to be the solution for all that was wrong in her life..isn’t that the goal of everything in the media anyway.

Oh shit! 9:50..this was too much. Her dad had alrdy left for work at 7..leaving a cup of hot lemon water by the window. Again she failed to see him off at the door. She could not anyway.. Not with this blasted knee anyway which had swollen to the size of a melon thanks to repeated attempts at kick starting her blasted scooter. It was her 7th day of prescribed bedrest. Not so easy when your room is upstairs and the kitchen downstairs. Food is the sole motivation for existence for every being created by God. Which reminded her to pray more often than her current once a year pattern.

Her ideal morning will start like this from now on..

1. Wake up at 5:30 ( or before dad whichever was later).

2.Draw the curtains and let the light flow in.

3.Play some music(optional), brush my teeth, wash my face and comb my hair, drink a glass of water.

3. Go for a walk or to the prayer house nearby before it gets too sunny outside.

4. Shower. Cold. (If everything else fails..its sure to wake you up)

5.Make a to do list or daily timetable.

Ah! The perfect 5 point mantra. This was all she needed to make her life easy and perfect.

Whoa… 10:45.

How did this even happen? She rushed off to the bathroom hoping tomorrow would be a kind morning.


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