Shopping tips during SALES!!


How to series no. 11


Every girl needs or wants stuff weather she likes it or not. And I mean not just clothes, but home, kitchen even gifts!. Now while some of us are very capable at the same, others learn with practice over time however those like me need every assistance they can get. So without further ado, here are my few pointers which will help you during those end of season or reason sale shopping.

1.Make A List– make a list of all that you need desperately, ie, from kitchen towels to brown scrunchies and another list of what you maybe need ie. black leggings. Now only task left is to try and stick to the list of your written items only and don’t wander off.

2.Make a budget – if you are planning to go shopping during sales with an open mind, its highly likely that you will return with an empty pocket. So plan ahead and plan long term. Don’t worry, its not as scary as it seems, just keep money aside for shopping from your monthly salary so that during shopping you don’t dive into the savings. Add up any extra money you make from relatives on the birthdays or even when you save from little things like avoiding an expensive movie ticket to stay at home instead on the weekend. This is your way of giving yourselves a treat for being nice not naughty. (wink)

3.Go on a weekday -There is so much savings in this one tip. Saving on your time waiting in queues, last moment try room fights, parking space, the rush of people in the stores and above all, your mental peace.

4.Be prepared -select the style and size beforehand specially in clothes and shoes, so that you have to only pay and leave on the day of the sale or even when you order online later. Returns, exchanging and saving the receipts are a nightmare that you will doge by doing this.

5.Go Big and Go home with a BIGGER smile– more the items more the discounts so shop from the same store. Another way is to go with your team. Your girlfriends, work friends or partners. Doesn’t matter as long as you are both reaping benefits.

6.No Cards– Have a no cards policy. Don’t offer to pay the whole bill, specially with your credit card as you will have to pay the taxes on the whole order and asking back your money from others or to split on the amount of taxes on each item will make you seem petty among your peers. Instead pay your part in cash. When you prefer cash than cards an additional benefit is that you buy only what you really really need.

8.No Regrets– Take a deep breath. You wont regret it your whole life if you don’t buy it now. Drop it back if its not your size or not in your budget. You may find a better buy at the next store. In the long run it probably wont even make a difference since you will always buy more clothes later on anyway.

9.To Buy or Not To Buy– if you are in a inner struggle of buy or not to buy, chances are that you just like it enough to want it not love it enough to need it .Do Not impulse buy – I repeat, do not impulse buy. Control your urges and the odds will be in your favour.

10.Mind over matters– Listen to more to your inner voice and less to the salesperson who is making a profit off you. If you are still unsure, take a picture of you in the dress along with the tag having all the info. If you still feel strongly about the same, go ahead, I mean go back and get it after all you deserve it.


Day 2


now the deal here was being perfect in the way i had planned to spend my days so that i had some quality material to write about, but what happens with me mostly is failing by falling flat on the promises i make with myself.

in short i made a rookie mistake of thinking that i could over achieve in a day and erase off all my underachievements of the past year. but alas, life had other plans.

my morning started off later than i had anticipated because i had spent the last night stalking celebrities and their dog trainers on instagram late into the night. hence 4am fresh morning start turned into a dream session. my laziness also rubbed on bae who came home to take me to gym but we both ended up having breakfast in bed and trying to figure out what is wrong with me and my laptop. this was followed by spontaneous book buys at a local fair with dad and an exhausting sleep session to give some energy for the rest of the hours. the randomness stretched into the evening with me and bae ditching the last effort at productivity for a meal and a game of badminton with bestie.

even now post dinner and a delayed shower which was scheduled after the gym initially, i have little urge to plan for tommorow as the tv is going on in the background and the clock giving me warning looks to push me to bed.

life is what happens when you are busy making plans they say but hope is not so easy to abandon, hence here is me saying goodnight and signing off in a hope that tomorrow goes atleast half as planned.

Day 1


Hi, this is my first post in a very long time but its going to be a very happy and personal on. i hope its worth the wait and stay tuned…

When I started writing or rather sharing on wordpress last year I was skeptical as any newbie forraging into an unknown space. i was unsure about how much i should be reveiling myself on a public platform because for me sharing doesnot come easy, be it thoughts or possessions. i wanted to be honest in everything i posted and yet held myself back for the fear of how someone would react if they really know me, which i guess never really goes away, you just learn to go around those fears. since i really wanted to write so i started with a half hearted attempt at a story..a few chapters that i have posted so far and a how to series which i personally love to read as it gives a false hope of having control over atleast some things in life which is me mostly going bersek in all directions without any clue.

unwantingly, if thats even a word..and out of my deadly habit of laziness and chronic lack of not pushing myself hard enough, i was unable to write anything on this forum for a past few months. also i do have some pretty good reasons if u care to believe,

1. i had my exam in january for getting admission into post grad school,to prepare for which, i had taken the previous year off from all my other duties. turns out that i did not leave ALL of my luxuries aka youtube, sleep, procastination to name a few and so when the results came out in february, i managed to just pass without any big hopes to land a good college and ended up disappointing myself and not to mention THE PARENTS.

2. i used to write on my phone using the wordpress app and it was difficult to type so i thought that for the new year, i would gift myself a laptop so that i can write more often. this plan ran into problems as i took my time finding one that suited my needs and my pocket. also the one i finally got was not wired properly (not in technical terms) and i had to wait some more time for repairs but finally ended up getting it replaced. i love running my fingers on it now that i have it after shipment delays and all the usual stuff.

3.i had planned a vacation after the exam in february which got delayed as it usually is when travelling with families so much so that now it is most likely cancelled since the admission process is beginging tentatively during the week that we had booked flights for the getaway.

4.i have no idea why im writing all these details for you to read but its a part of the package i guess. also letting off the steam sure feels like a meditation session, my so called problems appearing insignificant as i’ve issued them out to the public.

5. i know people have far bigger problems to deal with than my whinnings but if you’ve made it so far i want to really thank you for your patience.

if you want to read more posts like these where i open up to you please do let me know.

and even if you did not like this , dont worry, i’ll still be writing more because i liked sharing this time..(wink)

so as a remedy i want to try daily logs and journal type entries in order to be more regular in my writing and keep a record of my days in a hope to make decisions for a better life.



How to series no 10

How to study for long hours

Exams are what we all go through at some point during our lives, some more than others so here are some pointers to help you manage long periods of productive study time and even pull all nighters. I’m not going to include stuff like wear comfy clothes and keep the cellphone away because you already know it. So here we go with the rest..

1.A good start– Start after a good rest preferably 8hrs of sleep if you study in the morning or a good relaxing 90 min nap if after a long day of work.Fresh start is better if you have a study plan of 6-8 hrs at one go. The important point here is to make sure that you end it with a couple of stretching exercises so that your body keeps up a good circulation going on in all the muscles which were not used during your desk time.

2.Study space– have a personal work station be it in the home office or a desk and chair in a corner. The feel of sitting on chair and table with proper light makes you do your work in a more important and official way. Library environment is better conducive to exams preparations than at home in bed. Keep the  tv/phone/distractions at bay.
3.Hydration and nutrition – Keep a water bottle and some fruit within reach. The water is to keep you hydrated and prevent you getting drowsy. Also frequent toilet breaks won’t let you sleep easily. Fruits are light and healthy options since heavy meals tend to induce sleep. Have some nuts to munch on in between if you like. Avoid meals loaded with carbs especially fried foods like chips which are more harmful in the long run.

4.Fixed time- Start studying at same time every day. This helps your body to prepare itself for the task ahead and adjust better. Find what hours suit you the best, are you an early bird? or a night owl? Whatever is your peak time, just stick to that.

5.Breaks– Its a risk as well as a benefit so be extra careful here. Take breaks for 10 mins only after studying for 50 mins. Set an alarm if you have to or you can do 10 minutes chores like fold the laundry, take out the trash, take a stroll, dance to music or workout in between study breaks. The trick is to avoid doing what you love spending time on like instagram or Netflix. These act as distractions which tire you and it becomes difficult to go back to the focus zone again.

6.Track the progress– Keep a record of your study hours just like you do at your job. Imagine yourself having a 9-5 workday. Daily charting down of your hours helps to keep up the self discipline and motivation. If you plan to study for say 6 hrs each day it will take a few days for the concentration levels to build up. Start by trying study 30 mins more each day till you reach your goal.

7. Divide time- If you cant sit at the same place for long you can do it in parts instead of an 8 hour stretch. Divide it into 4 parts of 2 hour sessions each. When you study in sessions you can reinvent eg. session 1 for learning – fresh mind retains more. Session 2- problem solving/ practice test since you have the juices flowing. Session 3- light reading. Session-4 revising.

8.Variety- When studying for finals where you have 8-10 subjects pair different subjects- a major subject with a minor. Select topics that are a major chunks of the subject and do them first. The easy part can be kept for light reading later on. Break the monotony and keep it fun.

9. Study techniques– if the traditional method that you use is not working anymore try different methods like active reading, highlighting, summarising, making notes, teaching yourself etc. You can learn about various study techniques from the internet and adopt what speaks to you and does justice to your subject.

10.Rewarda good day with an episode on Netflix or a treat at the end. Rewards are a way of encouraging positive changes. But do plan extra carefully if you did not have a good study day this time. Don’t worry you will get there over time, be patient and carry on.

If you have reached here, a little reward for your extra boost!

11.Bonus tip– Change location /subject/topic if you not getting it anymore. You have read it 5 times but still not getting it , its better to turn the page and keep it for the end.  Don’t waste more time than you already did. 

Pick up your books and get started!!! I believe in you.



How to series no 9

How to have a pamper routine at home

I know you work so hard that a break is well earned once in a while. When the world is full of people and life is full of instances that test your patience to no end, you deserve to cut off and give a moment all to yourself. Since we can’t afford luxury trips to the spa every week or a weekend gateway to the Bahamas, this is a home care package to give it to yourself when feeling low and dry or just in a mood to make use of that extra time on making your inner self really happy!

1.Massage oils-  that gentle rhythmic slow motion pressure on just the right spot whether it’s the scalp or sore leg muscles makes you cry out in relief easing out the worries you’ve been carrying along. You don’t need a professional always. Just take a few drops of your favourite oil (btw mine is coconut) and massage it from head to toe. You bet nothing feels more relaxing than this.

2.Face- its important, trust me i know.You look tired all the time and that needs to go! So pick up a face pack and face mask and get it going. Clean the pores, the blackheads with a scrub and afterwards do hydrate with a moisturizing lotion even. Add cucumbers for that vibe if you want.

3.Manicure- nails, something we can love or hate but simply can’t ignore.  Before anything just soak them in lukewarm water for a few mins. Then cutting and filling followed by french, plain nail paint, gel , acrylic, basically whatever you want.

4.Haircare– first hair mask, make it at home if you wanna keep it simple then headwash. Pick up the blow dryer or curler for a professional feel but the natural waves after air drying completely are the best.

5.Exfoliation- soak your body beforehand in warm bath. Exfoliation softly done by body scrubs , loofahs or even a pumic stone with your regular bath soap will suffice. Its important to remove the dead skin but don’t scrape yourself crazy.

6. Shave-  only after exfoliation that opens up your pores that you pick up a shaving cream and razor on the lather in neat and clean strokes. Don’t apply too much pressure or you will cut yourself. Rest I think you will manage. 

7.Moisturise- after washing away everything with water, put on that lotion very generously. You do your skin a favour every time you moisturize it so make it a habit.

8.Go the extra mile- pick up the tweezers for stray eyebrow hairs, open a tan bottle, bring out your bath bombs, Epsom salt. Whatever that you wished you would one day. Do it for yourself now. The wait is long over.

9. Ambience– with a mellow lightning, use scented candles if need be or an essential oil dispenser for a special aroma that invites your senses to tranquility. 

10.Comfort – it being food and music, hot chocolate, cupcakes, pizza, Chinese, wine. Whatever is your cheat meal, just dig in and let it melt in your mouth while listening to some jazz or old melodies. Just keep it simple in the background and focus on yourself.

As soon as the world washes away while you lounge, a freshness will settle in which will rejuvenate your energy source. Until the next time.



How to series no 8

How to attend a conference, lecture or a class. You maybe a student full time or part time, working from home or running a business. Even if its a spin always should follow some pointers that will help you reap maximum benefits out of everything you do. Enjoy the most out of all you can with these.

1.Arrive early be on time because early bird takes the worm. You are less likely to miss important introductions about the topic as well as the speaker. Get a good seat, be comfortable about the surrounding. Go to the loo if you want.

2.Look  sharp dress comfortably so that you can sit through long hours but look smart as if you are ready to meet your in law’s. How you look should reflect your personality and makes an impression on people you meet the first time.

3.Sit in the front  you will listen more attentively and the speaker is more likely to remember your face than if you remain at the back. Also you are less likely to make mistakes in a practical or training session as the teacher is looking out for you. 

4.Read if you know the topic beforehand reading will benefit you in many ways like understanding the of subject and better retention. Knowing about what the topic is going to be encourages you to participate actively.

5.Ask questions –  weather its during the lecture if allowed or at the end of the session. If in doubt do get up and ask. You never know how many other people will be thinking of same but afraid to be in the spotlight. Even the speaker feels better knowing you actually listened to them.

6.Do away distractions –   keep away your phone on silent in the bag. Avoid talking in between or overhearing the gossip in the row next to you. Instead focus on the task you came for.

7.Learn-  never miss an opportunity to learn. Learning is a top priority in every field if you want to progress. Any chance missed to learn is a door left closed.

8.Introduction to the speaker. Its very important to know your teacher so that you remain updated about the next class as well as any projects or tests coming up. 

9.Network with collegues and other listeners. Make acquaintances that may help you attend future classes together and lookout for each other. Who knows you may get new friends. 

10.Don’t forget to collect study material
– study materials that are given out before or after the lecture. Pamphlets to ebooks. You will need it. Even if you don’t , you can always pass on info to others.



How to series no.7

Have the best night routine

Night time is the goodbye to your day so don’t rush it or it will come back to haunt you in the morning. Instead sign off in style so here is one such routine you can try to follow so that you wake up with a smile and no regrets.

1. Walk around – take a leisure walk after dinner. It can be in the neighborhood or a walk around your house. Try to do 2 min tasks for example checking the locks on doors and windows, unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry and picking up stuff lying strewn around to lessen the burden on tomorrow’s chores list. Also moving around after dinner helps digestion by getting mild exercise in one form or another.

2. Prepare for tomorrow – first set the alarm. Then lay out clothes for next day. Pack your bag (handbag or school bag) so that you wake up next day without worrying about trivial stuff.

3. Unwind – get a hot shower, it is a quick way to relax your sore muscles from the day. Have a cup of warm cinnamon milk or chamomile tea, they will help you sleep better. Light a candle if you want a soothing aroma.

4. To do list –make one for tomorrow and write down all the tasks on top of your mind listing according to priority to make sure you don’t forget anything. 

5. Digital detox– don’t bring your phone to the bedroom. This should be a strict policy in your house. Late night instagram scrolling leads to sleepless nights and stalking stranger profiles. So keep your phone on the kitchen counter or the coffee table so you can reach not before morning. Same goes for the iPad, kindle etc.

6. Take meds-  this is when you take your nightly vitamins or other meds after dinner but before going to bed. Incorporate it into a routine and you will never fear missing it again.

7. Brush-  2 words. Dental hygiene. Less and trips to the dentist. Also if you had post dinner snacks or milk/tea etc.

8. Pray/ gratitude-  saying your prayers or a few words of grattitude go a long way to relieve your mind of everything that troubles you. Be it a relationship or money matters. Let it out to empty the stress and make space for positive vibes and thoughts through the night and life in general.

 9. Read- a good book. Daily reading habits before bed is the best food you can give to your brain. After doing all the above you are now done for the day. Your mind is clear and body is relaxed. Reading even a few pages helps you learn better and sleep better. However keep in mind when to stop turning the pages and get your shut eye.

10. Say goodnight -aloud to your partner or your family (even if they are in another city, you will feel a sense of being closer) or even yourself and turn off the lights.

Dream love, sunshine and flowers.